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By Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac.


Reiki Energy - Soul Therapy

We often consciously or unconsciously harbor negative emotions, and just as the physical body needs attention to be free from pain and illness, so does the soul body require awareness to our emotions and healing to create inner peace and joy.

Our Integrative Energy Soul Therapy purifies the emotions in the body, mind and soul into positive consciousness, awakening your heart so that you can thrive beyond physical wellness. We help you heal past trauma, and replenish you with positive energy on many levels. Over the past decade, we have helped thousands of patients heal on a deeper level and experience transformation towards a more conscious, purposeful, and enriching life.


Our Services:

Reiki - Energy Healing Session
  • Suitable for overall energy issues such as carrying negative energy and emotions; depression, anxiety, over-thinking, worry; energetically unbalanced, ungrounded; scattered, unfocused mind; and easily affected by others’ energy and environment
  • Use Reiki, etheric and/or other energy healing modalities.
  • Rates:
    • Standard: $200 (75 min)
    • Extended: $280 (1hrs and 45 min)
    • A package of 4 standard sessions: $720 (save $80)
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Reiki - Energy Healing Group Sessions
  • Group session for the transmission of Universal energy of love and compassion
  • Economical alternative to private sessions
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  • Rates: $60
Soul Healing Sessions
  • Heal deep-held emotional issues spiritually: such issues as childhood issues and trauma, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; abandonment issues; repetitive emotional patterns; low self-esteem and confidence; relationship issues; and loss of loved ones
  • Rates:
    • $200 (75 min)
    • $280 105 min)
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Energy Balancing Sessions
  • Balance, optimize and activate your energy for improve your health and healing and spiritual growth.
  • Use esoteric energy healing methods.
  • Two sessions recommended to obtain the maximum results
  • Rates: $250/session (90 - 105 min)

Advanced Spiritual Healing Sessions

  • Advanced spiritual healing modalities that reset and revitalize your life  at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Use ancient healing methods of the Western mystical esoteric tradition.  Suitable for those who are seeking total purification and breakthrough of obstacles.

  • A package of 10 sessions required
  • Rates: $150/hr x 10 sessions
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House Energy Clearing
  • Purify your home’s energy for the following purposes:
    • Removes negative energy to welcome healing positive energy
    • Supports the healthy wellbeing of residents
    • Supports loving relationships in an atmosphere of harmony
    • Protection from negative forces
    • Manifests abundance and prosperity
  • Rates: $300 up to 2 hours, then $50/30 min if extra time is needed. Additional travel fee of $50 outside Metro NYC or more depending on distance traveled.
Feng Shui
  • Create energetic balance and harmony in your home and business
  • Clear negative energy and clutter
  • Maximize the effects of positive energy
  • Create harmonious relationships
  • Optimize health, well-being, empowerment
  • Create sacred space for spiritual, personal, and professional growth
  • Rates: Full consultation and one complimentary follow-up phone consultation.
    • Studio: $380 (2.5-3 hours)
    • 1 Bedroom: $480 (3-3.5 hours)
    • 2 Bedroom: $580 (3.5-4 hours)
    • 3 Bedroom: $680 (4-4.5 hours)
    • 4 Bedroom: $780 (4.5-5 hours)
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Chinese Astrology Reading
  • An ancient understanding of astrological influences. This accurate reading seeks to understand energy forces influencing your life.
  • Your astrology is translated through Yin-Yang theory, Earthy Branches (12 animal signs) and Heavenly Stems (5 Elements) to understand your constitutional strengths and how to overcome weaknesses.
  • Please submit birth date, time, and location of birth before your appointment, so we can create your chart.
  • Rates: $250/session (1.5 hours)




“I had received a Reiki treatment from someone before, but it did not do anything for me. So, I tried a session with Mika, which was nothing like what I’d experienced before. Her healing is totally different from others and it really worked for me. I usually feel peaceful for weeks after a session with her.” (Male, 30s, Brooklyn)

“I tried everything to resolve the issue in my childhood, including psychotherapy, but nothing worked. I received several sessions with Mika and I now feel more strength and confidence. I see the issue differently and I don’t let myself down anymore. Now I am also off medication.” (Female, 20s, Brooklyn

“In two sessions, my depression is gone! My family, friends, and I have noticed that I am totally different, in radiating positive energy. I cannot believe this. Thank you, Mika.” (Female, 20s, Brooklyn) 

“The condition disappeared within 3 sessions and has never returned. Mika is truly a gifted healer.” (Male, 50s, Manhattan)

Chronic fatigue
“I was always tired and rarely felt like going out and meeting people. Since I started receiving her healing, my energy level has significantly improved. I have become much more active and sociable. I am also more approachable in welcoming new opportunities and friends.” (Female, 40s, Queens)



Service Descriptions

Reiki - Energy Healing

Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing modality that has become popular and most accepted by the general public as well as the Western medical setting.

Reiki is an intuitive, energetic and spiritual practice. Although it is easy to use for anyone, the therapeutic use of Reiki depends on the practitioner’s experience, commitment and understanding of energy and soul in depth. The Master level practitioner is equipped with the ability to channel and work with the subtle energy in the purest form and provide spiritual guidance that helps one’s growth and transformation.

Mika Ichihara is a highly developed Reiki Grand Master who has given thousands of treatments to date and contributed to transforming their lives and inner awareness. She can help purify your negative emotions, manifest your life goals, or assist in finding one’s soul purpose. She can also unblock your potential to become who you really are.

Wben you are ready, healing can happen faster than you think. Energy speaks by vibration, rather than through words, and is not necessarily something you would understand in the mind. You may wish to experience this deep healing in person with Mika, tapping into your new potential.

Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing:

  • Eliminate negative emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, or confusion
  • More inner peace, calmness, and the ability to handle arising obstacles positively
  • Higher awareness, confidence, and inner strength
  • Mental clarity and greater ability to make conscious decisions
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Deeper and more lasting healing of illness or imbalance
  • Greater creativity, abundance, and connection with a personal purpose in life

This treatment is suitable for the following emotional-mental conditions:

  • Depression, anxiety, overthinking, worry
  • Carrying negative energy and emotions you wish to release
  • Energetically unbalanced, ungrounded, or stuck
  • A scattered, unfocused mind
  • Easily affected by the energies of others or your environment
  • A closed heart
  • Conditions not improved by conventional medicine
  • Chronic illness, pain, or fatigue

If you are experiencing chronic emotional issues along with physical symptoms, we recommend a combination of Integrative Soul Therapeutics, along with acupuncture and herbal medicine to alleviate symptoms holistically.


Soul Healing

The memory of a past trauma, no matter the size or impact, may be stored in the subconscious mind and affect mind-body balance. Mental acceptance and understanding is crucial, but often not enough to heal completely, while the negative influence of trauma may affect your life repeatedly, and in many different ways.

Mika Ichihara is a spiritual healer who has developed her skills to heal wounded souls. All souls have opportunities to heal. Her healing will be facilitated under in a safe, light-filled environment, where divine love and compassion are the guiding forces.

Her innovative spiritual healing process can help to resolve such deeply held emotional traumas at the subconscious and auric levels through a combination of Reiki, regression therapy, and Aura/Etheric healing.

Please note that Soul Healing is spiritual healing and does not replace psychotherapy provided by qualified mental health practitioners.

This treatment is suitable for the following conditions:

  • Childhood trauma (including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse)
  • Old tragedies not fully resolved or accepted
  • Abandonment issues
  • Repetitive emotional patterns
  • Low self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • Relationship issues
  • Loss of loved ones

Benefits of Love & Compassion Soul Healing:

  • Heal deeply held emotions and memories associated with past trauma or events so they no longer sabotage your health or spiritual growth.
  • Release negative beliefs and replace them with divine qualities.
  • Rejuvenate the heart and reconnect with our original Higher Self.
  • Acquire a new awareness and dedication to self-love and the ability to access the Soul’s boundless gifts for lifelong nourishment and enrichment.
  • Actively learn and engage in self-maintenance with customized guidance
  • Gain new momentum and insights for empowered, dynamic living

Adavanced Spiritual Healing

Advanced Spiritual Healing is a spiritual healing protocol rooted in ancient Western tradition. Based on the principles of Universal Qabalah, considered to be the prototype of all spiritual traditions dating back to over 5,000 years ago, this universal healing modality is not considered a religion, but at the heart of all Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

Mika is an initiated guide, teacher, and adept under the Western esoteric tradition and a teacher of Universal Qabalah. She offers ancient healing practices passed on from teacher to student.

Suitable for physical-emotional-spiritual issues, such as:

  • Unknown, deeper issues without specific origins
  • Multiple physical and emotional issues (don't know where to start healing)
  • Conditions for which no other healing methods are effective
  • Situations where emotional and spiritual breakthroughs and transformation are critical


  • Transform physical-mental-spiritual wellness to live healthier, happier lives
  • Individualized support for spiritual growth with specific recommendations
  • Promote ongoing spiritual and personal growth opportunities
  • Promote higher awareness, confidence, and inner strength
  • Mental clarity and emotional stability
  • Improve energy and vitality
  • Allow true healing to begin, according to the body’s own natural rhythms
  • Align with the Higher Self
  • Greater awareness of your soul’s purpose or mission in life
  • Greater connection to the Universe and the Divine in everyone

Healing methods:

  • Advanced Etheric Healing–Higher Light Initiation
  • Divine Union Activation
  • Starseed Healing
  • Galactic Ray Healing
  • King Solomon (Qabalastic) Healing Modality
  • Emotional Cord Cutting
  • DNA Activation and Reading
  • Ceremonial Blessings
  • Healing Ceremony 



Feng Shui

Mika Ichihara is a certified Feng Shui master and has been offering Feng Shui for residential and business spaces for over two decades. Our consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation based on a compass reading, Chinese astrology, and the Form School assessment (landscape, direction, and placement).

Feng Shui (wind and water—the symbol of nature) is an essential component of personal healing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. If your home is not balanced in terms of natural energies, your overall wellbeing is affected. According to Taoism, humans exist between heaven and earth, with Feng Shui connecting humans at both levels.

Your home is the place where you rest your body, mind, and soul. It is extremely important to create a sound, harmonious, and peaceful space to nurture your spirit at the end of the day. An energy imbalance or the presence of negative energy affects health, relationships, abundance, and all aspects of your personal life. The same applies to a business or office.

Love & Compassion’s Feng Shui practice is based on traditional Taoist schools: Form School and Compass School.

Benefits of Feng Shui:

  • Clear negative energy and clutter
  • Maximize the effects of positive energy
  • Increase energy balance and harmonious relationships
  • Optimize health, well-being, empowerment
  • Create sacred space for spiritual, personal, and professional growth

Consultation Procedures: 
Step 1: Preparation
Please submit the following:
(1) The floor plan of your residence/office
(2) The year the building was built
(3) The date, time, and location of birth for you and your partner
(4) Primary and secondary issues that you are concerned with
With this information, a preparatory reading will be developed prior to the on-site reading.

Step 2: On-Site Reading:
The entire consultation takes about 2.5-4 hours, depending on the size of the space and issues to address.

Step 3: Reassessment
(1) A one-time follow-up phone consultation follows after the on-site consultation.
(2) Please ask questions if you’re unsure about implementing the recommendations.
(3) A second onsite consultation if needed is offered at a discounted rate.


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