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By Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac.



Our Approach



Why root cause treatment is necessary?

When you have a condition, whether physical, mental, or emotional, you and your health care providers will first focus on treating the symptoms and the condition, so as to restore your health and feel better again.

The problem is that simply treating the condition may not necessarily be enough to sustain your health. Especially in cases of chronic conditions, you may repeat a cycle of healing and sickness, often developing new additional conditions, and you begin to wonder why you are not yet healed.

If there is anything that makes you sick, whether recurrent or various conditions, it is the “root cause” that must be identified and treated. Simply treating conditions and symptoms is often not enough for sustained health. At our Center, we believe that identifying and treating the root cause leads to real healing and this is what we offer for your total well-being.

Why integrative therapies are effective?

Our physical body and the mind are intelligent and inter-connected.  We have various innate control mechanisms, including the autonomic nervous system that regulates organ functions, which are directly related to the emotional state. While modern medicine has become more and more specialized, and scrutinizes physiological problems in a microscopic manner, it often loses sight of who we are as an integrated whole, and rather sees us as mechanistic parts like gears in a machine.

Many of you may suffer from multiple conditions which have taken over different systems of your health such as: GI, GYN, pains, recurrent infections, and so on. You are usually sent to specialists by your primary care doctor to scrutinize your illnesses as separate parts of a broken machine. As a result, you are likely to end up receiving various medications that may interact each other or cause side effects that may develop even more symptoms. This is because modern medicine has often forgotten the basic principle of treating the whole, rather than just the parts.

At our Center, we will work with you as a whole person. Your physical conditions, emotional state, daily stress, dietary pattern, and life style are all relevant to your health. Each of these components of your life affects all the other areas. We will address and treat the root cause with our unique 7 healing tools.


Restorative vs. Transformational

Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, there are two types of healing: restorative and transformational. “Restorative healing” aims to restore health by treating the condition, therefore the condition may disappear, but the improved condition of health may not be sustainable. You may become ill again with the same or another condition.

Our “Transformational Healing” is totally different. When we address the root cause with our 7 Healing Tools, the core inside you will shift. We call it awakening. Imagine that your body has been screaming for help, but you did not hear or listen to the inner voice or ignored it intentionally or unintentionally.

Identifying the root cause is akin to finally hearing the inner voice - that silent cry which arises as emotional or physical pain or discomfort.  This then causes you to feel awakened, connected, and activated so that your true needs and innate wellbeing can be honored. This process is very difficult to explain in words, but many of our patients have experienced this unique moment of awakening through a physical response or emotional shift as a result of our treatment. This is true healing.

Our “Transformational Healing” will connect your physical body and the mind, and bring them together in a higher state of consciousness. Something at the your deepest level of Self will shift and change. As a result of this shift, you don’t just recover from a condition, but the shift transforms your health, your perception to your life, your overall wellbeing, and the life-style changes needed to support this new and improved Self will become easier to maintain. From this shift, you then overcome the repetitive cycle of illness.


Our Guiding Philosophies

1. Natural medicine, based on the wisdom and experience of Eastern and Energy Medicines

2. Integrative approach to address and treat the root cause

3. Continuum and long-range of scope of practice from physical healing to self growth for sustainable health and greater wellness

4. Self-love and compassion as the core

5. The Healer guiding your healing your journey


Transformational Stages (Stages 1 – 3)

We offer the following 3 stages of Transformational Healing according to your condition and readiness:

Stage 1: LC Transformational health: Integrative Healing of Illness

  • Identify the root cause of your illness
  • Provide the most effective natural healing methods to respond to the root cause and heal conditions
  • Awaken the body and integrate the self as a whole for healing
  • Strengthen the innate healing ability
  • Revive your ultimate passion and excitement for healing and living healthier and happier

Stage 1 Healing Tools
• Modality 1: Holistic Japanese Acupuncture
• Modality 2: Herbal medicine
• Modality 3: Conscious Diet
• Modality 4: Reiki Energy – Soul Therapy
• Integrative Healing Packages: Total Healing Program; Comprehensive Detox Program

7 Strategies for Transformational Health

1. Detoxify and cleanse.
Remove toxins safely and naturally (processed foods, medications, pesticides/herbicides, GMOs, and environmental pollutants), plus eliminate parasites, fungi, candida, and other bacterial infections.
2. Revitalize organ functions.
Strengthen vital organs for: digestion, elimination, breathing, perspiration, urination, menstruation, fertility, detoxification, circulation, body temperature, mental clarity, vital energy (Qi), and physical strength.
3. Strengthen your immune system.
Strengthen your immune system to heal chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infections.
4.  Restore balance.
Rebalance your autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, sleep patterns, and emotions for the body’s optimal functionality.
5. Maintain a healthy diet.
Nourish your body with fresh, seasonal, whole foods. Occasional cleansing with juicing, fermented foods promoting live beneficial intestinal bacteria, and intermittent fasting are also helpful.
6. Support emotions.
Pay attention to your emotional needs and cleanse negative emotions stored in the body energetically, replacing with positive qualities
7. Develop a positive, conscious lifestyle.
Apply a conscious approach to daily events from a positive perspective. Balance and rejuvenate energy levels for managing daily stress and restful sleep.

Stage 2: LC Transformational Wellness: Emotional Empowerment and Conscious Living

  • Support the transformational process through emotional empowerment and conscious lifestyle
  • Learn self healing tools and develop daily support system, such as meditation, self-healing Reiki, Qi Gong and yoga
  • Dissolve the obstacles and limitations created in your life and fill with positive qualities and opportunities to grow toward healthy, happier and joyful life

Stage 2 Healing tools

  • Stage 2 Healing tools
  • Modalities 1-4: Preventive and/or maintenance
  • Modality 5: Meditation
  • Modality 6: Reiki Self-Healing, Qi Gong, yoga

Stage 3: LC Transformational Greater Wellness: Living with Purpose

  • Beyond physical and emotional healing, tap into spiritual understanding of who you are and the meaning of your life
  • Create “greater” wellness aligned with your purpose and mission of life

Stage 3 Transformational tools

  • Modalities 1-6: preventive and/or maintenance
  • Modality 7: Inner Work through esoteric studies of the East and the West (Universal Qabalah and Esoteric Buddhism)

7 Strategies for Transformational Wellness and Living

1. Purify negative energy and emotions
Cleanse negative energy and emotions and awaken the soul for true healing and discovering the meaning of life.
2. Heal deeply held emotions and memories
Heal the old memory of suffering at the subconscious level and rescue the wounded soul with divine love and compassion.
3. Release negative beliefs; replace with divine qualities
Clear false beliefs impacting your emotional-mental well-being; replace with positive qualities such as light, love, compassion, and peace.
4. Rejuvenate the heart and activate the true Self
Allow the heart to align with divine love and compassion; activate the consciousness of the true Self, “I AM.”
5. Create a safe, and strong energetic balance and support for spiritual growth
Create your own protective boundaries and strength in supporting and enabling your spiritual growth and empowerment.
6. Experience ONENESS
Reestablish connection with the Divine, receiving light, love, compassion, support and guidance with gratitude and humility.
7. Create life aligned with life purpose and mission
Develop a life filled with divine purpose to serve humanity and Mother Earth, by sharing and supporting others in line with the purpose.



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