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Case Study: Infertility, pregnancy, labor, post partum   

Case 1: Infertility
Female 30s: She came in for natural support for her infertility. She was on her birth control pills since she was a teenager. When she stopped the pills, her menstrual cycle was not regular. She became pregnant on her own, but she miscarried the baby at the early stage. She wished to seek natural treatment to help her conception.

Treatment: She received a few acupuncture treatments with herbal supplement to heal from miscarriage. She conceived in the following month. She gave a birth to a health baby later on.


Case 2: Infertility
Female 30s: She was trying to conceive the second baby a year after she gave a birth to her first baby, but she was not able to get pregnant. Her period was irregular since she was young.

Treatment: First bi-weekly acupuncture and herbal supplement helped regularize her period. She started to ovulate on time. She also received Reiki Energy Healing to manage stress and see things from a bigger perspective, not so caught up with daily challenges. Within 6 months she got pregnant naturally.


Case 3: Infertility
Female 40s: She successfully got pregnant from IVF procedure, despite the fact that her blood test showed her ovarian reserve was low. She sought regular acupuncture treatment to support her pregnancy.

Treatment: She received bi weekly acupuncture treatment to support her pregnancy. After the first acupuncture, her hormone level was going up to bring her pregnancy stable. She also improved her diet to support her pregnancy. She continued the healthy and pleasant first trimester without any severe symptoms.


Case 3: Labor
Female 30s: She was pregnant for the second time and she was late for due for almost 2 weeks. She was not dilating nor contracting. She was planning to give a birth to the baby naturally with a midwife without medical intervention.

Treatment: She received one acupuncture treatment and within 6 hours she started contractions, but not dilating. She received the second acupuncture to speed up process. She continued contractions and within 24 hours she gave a birth to a health baby.

Case 4: Labor
Female 30s: She was pregnant for the first time and she was late for due for a week. She was neither dilating nor contracting. Her doctor wished to give her medications to speed up the process, but she decided to seek natural treatment first.

Treatment: She received one acupuncture treatment and within 6 hours she started contracting. She gave a birth to a healthy baby within 24 hours. 


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