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Case Study: Pediatric Conditions    

Case 1: Asthma
Girl 4 years old: She was on asthma medications and inhaler for several years due to occasional asthma attacks. She was often taken to emergency hospitals. She was also easy to catch a cold especially in the winter season. The parents brought her to help her heal asthma naturally.

Treatment: She received bi weekly pediatric acupuncture treatment (no needle insertion, stimulation only) for a few month, combined with custom made herbal medicine. Her condition improved steadily and within a year no more asthma attacks even in the cold season. She was able to get off the asthma medications.


Case 2: Diarrhea and weak digestion
Boy 5 years old: He was told by his pediatrician that he did not have enough pancreatic enzymes and he might have to take enzymes orally for the rest of his life. His parents worried his condition and decided to bring him to receive natural treatment. He had occasional diarrhea and stomach pains.

Treatment: He started bi-weekly pediatric acupuncture treatments (no needle insertion) together with prescription herbal medicine. Within a few weeks, his stools became firm and no longer experienced diarrhea. His digestion continued improving. No digestive discomfort was experienced. He continued bi-weekly treatment for strengthen his digestive system.


Case 3: Weak immune system/neutropenia
Boy 4 years old: He was diagnosed as neutropenia, low white blood count since he was born. He might sweat, but he did not elevate his body temperature as fever.

Treatment: He received two pediatric acupuncture sessions (no needle insertion). Within two sessions his blood test showed that his white blood cell count rose normally when he got sick. He was told by his pediatrician that he no longer had neutropenia.


Case 4: Constipation
Girl 5 years old: She suffered from constipation since she was born. She had bowel movement twice a week or less. She was slim and she had no other symptoms.

Treatment: She received one pediatric acupuncture treatment (no needle insertion) and started Chinese herbal supplement to help her digestion. Within a week, she started having more bowel movements 3-4 times a week, then once daily or at least every other day.


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