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Conscious Medicine Workshops


Sustainable health and wellness is achieved by holistic attention to the body, the mind and the soul.  A healthy body is inseparable from a healthy mind and emotional state.  Our Center has designed these workshops to empower you to connect with each aspect of yourself and make positive lifestyle changes that will promote long-lasting healing, wellness and inner peace.


Conscious Diet - Living Seminar
One-day evening workshop

Your body is the temple of your soul.  A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, therefore a conscious diet is the solid foundation for healing and sustainable health.  

In this Seminar, you will learn the following:
  • What is energetic balance and harmony for the body and the mind
  • Vital concepts for understanding energetic balance and harmony according to Eastern holistic approach
  • Basic energetic patterns of imbalance that you may wish to watch out
  • Energetics of tastes and flavors
  • Energetic of temperatures
  • Energetics of digestive actions
  • Energetics of cooking methods
  • Energetics of individual foods
  • How to combine ingredients/prepare to meet your healing needs


Seminar fee: $45/online sign up 1 week prior to the event, $55 at the door

Sign up: Seats are limited. Pay online or call to register 212-242-8701. 

Cancellation policy: Click here.


Beginners’ Meditation Workshop
One-day workshop
 Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm

Meditation is an invaluable tool for quieting and calming one’s mind.  A meditation practice is effective not only for stress management and relaxation but also for more meaningful purposes, such as fostering inner awareness, cultivating lasting joy and experiencing self-realization. Learning effective styles and techniques with a trained and fully developed teacher is critical for establishing a practice you will want to return to on a daily basis. 

  • Learn how to quiet the mind and achieve stillness
  • Learn the essential skills to begin your daily meditation practice
  • Learn how to cultivate inner awareness by connecting the body, the mind and the soul
  • Learn to calm, center, ground, cleanse, boost and balance your energy
  • Learn proper breathing techniques and body posture

In this one-day Beginners’ Workshop, you learn how to still the mind and start enjoying cultivating inner peace. Whether a beginner or longtime student of meditation, this workshop serves as an opportunity to learn the essential skills of meditation and commit to your path of self-healing.

By learning fundamental skills properly, you can develop regular meditation practice and transform your lifestyle and behavior into more positive and conscious way of living for yourself as well as your surroundings, including family members, friends and coworkers.

Level 1 Program content
1: Essential Meditation Skills: Applying essential meditation tools to daily practice
2: Cleansing Energy & Chakras: Awareness of the energies of the higher Self or Source
3: Centering: Learn techniques to center body and mind to experience inner awareness
4: Grounding: Developing the energy etic base to calm and stabilize the mind

Workshop fee: $195. Retaking this Program: $140.

Sign up: Seats are limited. Pay online or call to register 212-242-8701.

Beginners Meditation Workshop (Level 1)

Cancellation policy: Click here.

Reiki Self-Healing Workshop
Two-day workshop
Saturday & Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm

Reiki is the most well-known form of energy healing and is used all around the world.  Recognized by the modern medical establishment, Reiki is a safe and easy tool for self-healing and daily energetic support.  Grand Master Mika Ichihara shares her unique skills and experience to help you awaken your inner ability and tap into your full potential.  In this workshop, you will:

  • Create energetic balance and harmony in your body, mind and soul
  • Learn the self-healing tool for supporting your daily stress and emotions
  • Develop energetic integrity and consciousness for healing and empowerment

This workshop includes Usui Reiki Attunement Level 1. It is open to beginners as well as Reiki practitioners interested to learn Mika’s advanced energy healing techniques.


  • Learn about Reiki: history, philosophy, and techniques
  • Learn about the Reiki protocol for self-healing
  • Learn about the basics of energy healing
  • Learn how to listen to yourself intuitively
  • Receive Reiki Level I Attunement

Tuition: $350

Sign up: Seats are limited. Pay online or call to register 212-242-8701.


Cancellation policy: Click here.  




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