Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac.
Love & Compassion Integrative Health and Healing




Case 1: Food allergies
Female 50s: She complained of food allergy for her enter life. Her entire family of mother’s side had food allergy or digestive conditions. When she ate certain foods, she developed pains and breaking out on the skin.

Treatments: Because she carried accumulated emotional burdens and traumas from her childhood, she started with a few Reiki sessions to release her emotions. Then she started acupuncture treatment. Within a few acupuncture treatments, she no longer experienced food allergy symptoms that she used to have. She was able to digest any food without symptoms. She introduced better diet, cutting down sugars and junk foods, increasing fresh vegetables and fruits.

Case 2: Food Allergies
Boy 5-year-old: He suffered from severe food allergies from most of tree nuts and fish since he was really young. When he touched those foods, he developed severe rashes and breathing difficulty.

Treatments: He started a weekly pediatric acupuncture. Within a few months, his allergy reports showed that he was no longer allergic to most of tree nuts and seafood. He introduced some nuts and seafood in his diet without developing allergies. He currently continued his bi-weekly treatment to overcome all food allergies.

Case 3: Seasonal allergies
Woman 30s: She suffered from seasonal allergy every season. Her symptoms included sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

Treatment: She received 3 by-weekly treatments with prescription herbs for 8 days. Since then her symptoms never came back. In the following year, she still did not develop any seasonal allergy.