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Case 1: Chronic eczema:
Male, 40s: He had chronic eczema since childhood around his creases such as the elbows, knees. He had severe itches, redness, darkness and hardness on the affected areas. He consumed a large amount of alcohol and red meat daily, not eating sufficient vegetables. He also carried significant amount of stress from work and daily life in general.

Treatments: He received a total of 4 acupuncture sessions, combined with prescription herbal medicine and colon cleanse. He received dietary instruction for conscious eating with more vegetable based diet, less alcohol, and regular exercise. With the first 2 acupuncture sessions with the prescription herbs, the symptoms subsided by 50%. Then he continued improving his conditions. Later on, he also suspected that some of the medications he was taking for eczema contributed to his symptoms and discontinuing these medications helped him heal faster. Six months later he reported that his eczema was completely healed.

Case 2: Acute hives
Female 30s: She came for acute hives all over the body.

Treatment: She received prescription herbal medicine for 8 days with herbal supplement. Her hives went away immediately.

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