Love & Compassion® is the ultimately natural, spiritually integrated, advanced healing solution for health, wellness and purposeful life.

7 Highlights of Love & Compassion®

  • Identify and heal physical, emotional or spiritual root cause of illness
  • Provide all-natural healing treatments and herbal medicine 
  • Focus on detoxification, immune system and organ functions
  • Free and awaken your soul to seek a joyful life
  • Support your healing journey with attentive care and compassion 
  • Master Practitioner/Teacher from Japan with 26 years of experience
  • Services available online and in-person
Deeper and profound experience of bodily awakening and renewal.
Purification of the soul for emotional freedom and inner joy.
Holistic assessment and healing plan for total health and wellness.
Personalized formula prescribed with organic, wild-harvested herbs.

Healing stories

Meet Mika Ichihara

Founder / Master Practitioner - Master Teacher

Founder / Master Practitioner - Master Teacher

Mika Ichihara is renowned for her unique, transformational alternative healing solutions for sustainable health and wellness with 26 years of experience. She is a licensed acupuncturist - herbalist (Japan) - Pharmacist (Japan) - Reiki Master - Feng Shui Practitioner - Meditation Teacher - Qabalah Teacher.


The best meditation training ever!

Mika's training really works. She is so knowledgeable. Meditation has become part of my life and I don't start a day without it.

(Female, age 48)
It's incredible!

My digestive issues are now gone. With her treatment and guidance, I regain health and vitality again. Thank you Mika.

(Female, age 42)
My soul is healed and happy again!

Her healing is real. My old emotional suffering is now healed and now I see myself from a totally different place. So glad that I found Mika.

(Female, age 34)
No more suffering from seasonal allergies!

I used to suffer from seasonal allergies every spring and fall and I was miserable. I cannot believe that she fix my allergies and I no longer afraid the beautiful seasons!

(Female, age 41)
My lower back pain is gone!

I cannot thank Mika enough, because I did not have to do a surgery. She is amazing!

(Male, age 45)

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