3 Innovative Approaches to Transform Your Health


3 Innovative Approaches to Transform Your Health

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This short Report elaborates an innovative, unique approach to transforming health, based on my 20 years of clinical experience in integrative health practice. Through assisting thousands of patients in their individual healing, I have witnessed that deep, profound healing can be achieved by synergistically encompassing every aspect of our being – the entire spectrum of our existence, with mastery skills and compassionate guidance. I will show you below how it works with various healing stories.


1. The Synergistic Approach to Healing

True health is not merely the absence of observable disease, but the state of complete well being in every aspect of a person.

We often neglect to see the whole picture and think of the body as a collection of parts. This is why many people end up believing that true healing can be achieved quickly by focusing on treating individual symptoms. This belief has proven to be false especially for most chronic cases, and the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate why that is so and show you how you can achieve true lasting transformational health.

We are impacted by everything we experience. Everything. You’ve probably heard that for every action there’s a reaction? That’s a clue to how illness develops. Whenever we are impacted by anything, we do something to adjust, something to keep our balance. Since the body, mind, and spirit are indeed a synergistic whole, nothing impacts one without impacting the others.

Of course, it would be unrealistic for me as the practitioner to know about each and every incident a patient has experienced, and in actuality, it’s not necessary. I have created a unique system of treatment that takes into account the patient as an integrated being, not simply a sum of parts.

To carry this further, think back on some of the significant events in your life and consider how they (including some you don’t remember) may have impacted your body, your way of thinking, and the way in which you process emotions. Some, of course, impacted you more strongly than others…. But all of your experiences caused your body and the mind to respond.

Just a few decades ago, pioneers in the trauma field recognized that trauma can reside in the body … not just the intellect! So, trauma can’t really be fully healed by thinking or talking about it and the same rings true with all difficulty we experience – we try to adapt (regain our balance) and in the process, we change.

Are you beginning to see why simply treating the illness itself might not be enough to get at the root of the issue? That’s because the ‘root cause’ is often deeper than the observable symptoms. Healing all of the layers down to the root cause of a symptom requires a “synergistic approach” which involves simultaneous attention to all aspects of a person, rather than taking care of them separately.

Synergy originates from the Greek word Synergos, which means working together. It refers to a result that arises – in other words, it refers to something new.

In my 20 years of clinical experience that combines modalities such as Japanese-style Acupuncture, herbs, Reiki, and other adjunct therapies as a healing program, I have achieved long-lasting results and a greater understanding of how to heal more effectively. I have discovered that the integrative and synergistic method accelerates the healing process.

As often mentioned in the philosophy of Classical Chinese Medicine, 1 + 1 + 1 is not 3, but can be thousands! I will call this synergistic action. It seems that the integrative method connects our parts and faculties, activating healing as if the entire 70-80 billion cells constituting our body are awakened for the single goal of wellbeing. Even after experiencing this repeatedly with my patients, I continue to see it as something of a miracle.

Connecting pieces of insightful information together to understand the cause of illness is one of my greatest skills. This synergistic approach to healing with integrative therapies serves as the foundation of my healing techniques. Understanding the insightful map of root cause will encourage you to take positive action for yourself.

My job is to introduce you to the synergetic journey of healing, guiding you along the way by acting as the healing coach and the practitioner. I love doing this, and I am very good at it.


2. Restoring Homeostasis – Innate Balance

The stories about my patients who have healed as a result of this synergistic treatment are the best examples of all. One woman whom I’ll call Ms. A had suffered from intense hives, allergies, and an auto-immune disorder for 10 years before she came to me. Despite high doses of medication and regular visits to doctors and her therapist, her health was in crisis.

Her condition worsened each year around the time that memorials were held for the losses of her husband and her father, and her treatment for breast cancer, all of which had happened during the same month. It was clear that the emotional spikes she felt of sadness, grief, and anger each year during that month were contributing to her worsening physical condition.

Simply treating her hives couldn’t alleviate the symptoms. What she needed most was to have a practitioner who understood her health crisis and could show her the vision and direction for step-by-step healing.

At the first acupuncture session, she quickly responded to the safe and healing environment we created. She felt an intense sensation of heat being released from her body. She came to realize that this heat being released was directly correlated to suppressed anger, sadness, loneliness and grief. The relief that she felt from this release was so strong that she burst into tears! After the first session, her hives began subsiding and she appeared soft, with a new sense of peace and hope. Her true healing began on that day.

Since her symptoms were severe, we developed an ongoing treatment plan. We decided that a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and weekly Reiki Energy Therapy would lead to the best results. With this treatment plan, her physical and emotional symptoms improved steadily and continuously! The hives, allergic reactions, and emotional issues were no longer ruling her life. This allowed her to cut down her medications significantly. I happily report that in the following year, she did not experience flare-ups on the anniversaries. She was thrilled and we continue to work together for maintenance and other issues as they arise.

In her case, the intense, unresolved emotions that she held for over 20 years were actually one of the root causes of her illnesses. Once you begin to understand your illness in this light, it begins to make sense. The treatment you need becomes clear.

From a functional perspective, our body is intelligently equipped with innate control mechanisms to respond to emotions and stress. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is considered to be the key in the link between physiological responses and emotion. It controls most subconscious physiological functions of the body, such as heart rate, breathing, digestion, perspiration, and circulation. It also controls the immune system. Strong emotions can often cause changes to your body’s physiological functions, such as when anxiety causes sweating, a racing heartbeat, or stomach cramps.

The nervous system is regulated by two branches, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the para-sympathetic nervous system (PSNS). Both of these systems work together to keep the body in a state of equilibrium. SNS acts like the accelerator of a car, while PSNS acts like the brake. To maintain optimal health including organ functions, it is important to keep our bodily systems in equilibrium.

When the body is undermined by long-term emotions and stress – even at the subconscious level – it is unable to maintain that balance. This can lead to decreased function of the immune system, which allows illness to take root. In the case of Ms. A mentioned above, a holistic approach with acupuncture and Reiki energy therapy helped restore her ANS balance, and therefore her immune system also normalized in balance.


3. Conscious Approach to Healing

Healing is not merely limited to restoration of health; it can be an opportunity for transforming life for better and happier.


Identifying the root cause of illness is akin to finally hearing the inner voice – the silent cry that arises as emotional or physical pain or discomfort.  Imagine that your body has been screaming for help, but you could not hear the inner voice sooner for whatever reason may be.

Here is a story of a young lady, Ms. B, who came to the center due to her accumulated negative emotions regarding her family and friends as well as gynecological conditions such as hormonal imbalance and menstrual issues. After a few sessions of acupuncture and Reiki Energy Therapy, she began to experience a shift in her life. She changed her job for the better, became more conscious about her eating habits, started to take care of herself better, and became more passionate and motivated in her educational pursuits. The change was apparent to many people around her. She no longer lives in the same emotional state, trying to fully embrace holistic lifestyle with her family.

Ms. C suffered from multiple severe nerve injuries resulting in numbness in arms and a drop hand, medically called “radial nerve palsy”. Her healing at our Center began about 3 months after its onset. Her left hand was dropped and she could not raise or move the hand at all. Her forearm and hand below the elbow crease were completely numb and perceived no sensation of touch. She exhausted visiting all specialists including a physiatrist, a neurologist and a hand specialist. They all suggested she would need surgeries, not one, but three! The doctors told her that even if the surgeries were successful, it would take up to 6 months to recover from them. She was shocked, dismayed and decided to continue her search for a non-surgical recovery method which is what lead her to our Center for healing.

Since her case was extremely severe, everyone thought it would be a miracle if she ever recovered. And yet, she was determined to heal herself and prepared for her healing journey to take a while. The first few acupuncture sessions helped recover some sensation that continued to steadily improve with each session. These improvements renewed her hope and she was excited to continue treatment.

She loved living a holistic lifestyle, was a regular meditator, and had written a book on holistic healing. She regularly gave speeches to the public to raise awareness of the importance of taking a holistic approach to health. However, it wasn’t until her experience at our center that she immersed herself in the power of holistic healing directly in her personal life.

Despite being inconvenienced by her non-functional left arm and hand, she was always positive, hopeful, and continued our healing protocol, which led to her steady improvement.

We spent quite some time discussing the root cause of the injuries. Although the injuries most likely originated from physical overuse of the left arm, we agreed that her suppressed emotions and negative view of herself on a subconscious level aggravated the condition. The key to her recovery was to heal the inner suffering as much as the physical, mechanical damage.

About a year later, a miraculous breakthrough began in her healing, as if her nerves suddenly woke up from a long sleep, responding to her resilient efforts and positive mindset. Her mantra was “I will be cured.” She never doubted her complete healing. In 1.5 years, her condition was completely cured. Her left arm, hand, and fingers are now fully functioning. No one would be able to detect any awkwardness or sign of weakness in her left-hand movement. This healing experience elevated her consciousness to the next level. This was a powerful lesson in the power of belief. She accomplished healing without surgeries as a result of her dedication to her belief in the importance of maintaining a positive mindset.

When the inner voice is finally heard and the root cause is addressed, the physical body will shift. There is no more need to scream inside or show physical signs of illness to bring attention to the issue. Sometimes this shift is felt emotionally or as a shift in consciousness. Patients often experience an awakening as a result of true needs being met on a soul level.

The awakening experience not only facilitates healing but also heightens your consciousness. You will begin to notice changes occurring in the deepest caverns of your being. You may see things from a different, larger perspective, recognizing some of your old habits and ways of thinking that may have sabotaged your growth and happiness in the past. When feeling physically and emotionally awakened, it becomes much easier to see the larger picture of your being clearly. This allows you to proactively begin transforming your life. From this shift, you can overcome the repetitive cycle of illness.


4. Integrative Healing Programs

As discussed above, healing is a continuous, integrative process, more than a compilation of treatment for individual issues. Through this synergistic process, our innate intelligence of the entire spectrum of our existence is activated and gathered into a single powerful conscious force to achieve healing.

Healing is also a part of a process of empowerment. Presenting and discussing the scope of healing is absolutely critical for effective healing. For these reasons, I am committed to guiding patients in their individual healing journeys.

As part of our innovative efforts based on our clinical experience, I have created Integrative Programs to accelerate healing, by utilizing the different phases of healing. There are three Phases.

Each phase of healing effectively combines the best of our proprietary therapies to best meet the need of individuals at each stage, encompassing your body, mind, and soul in totality. They will offer you an opportunity to achieve your healing goal faster and more deeply than an individual approach. They will support your physical and emotional healing together in a single program.

The First Phase of our Healing Program aims to detoxify from the body and mind; strengthen the immune system and vital organs; creates greater awareness and inner peace; and most importantly guides you to incorporate self-care, so that you can begin creating a new lifestyle that will sustain your healing.

A patient of the Integrative Program describes her healing experience as follows:

“Mika is the real deal, an extremely gifted healer. I started to see positive changes in my health right away. I followed her protocol, dietary instruction, Reiki, and acupuncture and took her prescription of Chinese herbs…
I am extremely thankful for her treatment and the care I received. … Regaining my health has profoundly raised my quality of life for the better. I have an Increase of energy, vitality, and happiness.”

A story of a female patient, Ms. D, demonstrates how she reversed severe inflammations due to an autoimmune disorder with the First Phase of our Integrative Healing Program. Prior to her visit to our Center, she was taking medications to suppress her inflammation, which was not working. So, she decided to proactively resolve her condition more naturally.

She was aware of unresolved emotions that she carried since childhood: fears and other unexpressed emotions. When an incident triggered the suppressed emotions, she craved sugar. She knew it was bad, but she couldn’t help it. She alternated healing sessions with Acupuncture, Energy – Soul Therapy, dietary guidance and received meditation training as part of the Phase One Program.

At the end of her 3 months of the Program, her inflammations subsided, her emotions rejuvenated, and her perception toward her life had changed. She was able to greatly reduce her cravings for sugar. She became happier and appreciative of what she had going for her in life. Healing her inflammation lead her to transform her vision of what it meant to be living a wellness of life. She is now happier than ever before and enjoys every day of her life. She continues her treatment for maintenance. She acquired a will power to watch her diet and cut down sugar consumptions as needed after occasional feasts over the holiday season.

Below you will find an overview of our Healing Programs. Each Phase is independent, starting with Phase One.




Physical Transformation Objectives

Emotional/Spiritual Transformation Objectives



1. Detoxify and cleanse: Remove toxins safely and naturally from the body (processed foods, medications, pesticides/herbicides, GMOs, and environmental pollutants), and eliminate parasites, fungi, candida, and other bacterial infections.

1. Clear negative emotions that you carry at present; purify your energy; and create safe, serene energetic foundation for healing and self-empowerment.


2. Revitalize organ functions for: digestion, elimination, breathing, perspiration, urination, menstruation, fertility, detoxification, circulation, body temperature, mental clarity, vital energy (Qi), and physical strength.


2. Heal deeply held emotions and memories from the past; and create conscious and subconscious understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness to yourself about suffering.


3. Strengthen your immune system to heal chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infections.

3. Shift negative beliefs sabotaging your happiness and success; and shift toward positive beliefs and qualities, such as light, love, compassion, courage, strength, peace, happiness and joy.



4. Maintain a holistic, conscious diet to nourish your body with fresh, seasonal, whole foods, vegetable juicing, and fermented foods promoting live beneficial intestinal bacteria, and intermittent fasting.


4. Nourish the heart with divine love and elevate consciousness for self-awareness and growth.


5. Restore balance and harmony autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, sleep patterns, and emotions for the body’s optimal functionality.

5. Maintain safe energetic space and balance for oneself and relationships with others.





6. Develop a positive, conscious lifestyle for managing daily stress and maintaining healthy sleep schedules: movement/ exercise, meditation and other self-care.

6. Connect and experience wholeness within and oneness with the Universe and the Earth. Create an abundance of light, love, compassion and peace.


7. Develop a personal system of maintenance and prevention of illness.


7. Find your life purpose that fulfills your life and serves humanity and Mother Earth; support others through sharing experience


For more details, please visit our website: www.loveandcompassion.com/integrativehealing.


Interested in our Programs?

Are you interested in learning how we can help your healing? We invite you to set up a 15-minute free phone introductory Talk. During this call we’ll discuss how we can address your needs and support your healing. Please sign up online from our website: www.loveandcompassion.com. If you sign up our Healing Program during this call, you will receive a discount of $20 from the full fee of the Program.


With love and compassion,

Mika Ichihara


This article “Bridging The Gap: Global & Inner Peace” was originally created and published by LoveandCompassion.com under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac., LL.M., B.Phar., Founder Owner and Grand Master in Eastern Medicine and Energy Soul Medicine. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and author bio. For more information about her and her practice, please visit www.loveandcompassion.com.


Disclaimer:  Please note, Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac., B.Phar., is a holistic practitioner and NOT a medical doctor. Always consult a medical doctor or appropriate physician to discuss your conditions and receive their medical advices. You should not rely on this website for diagnosis or medical advice, which serves solely as general holistic guidance to your conditions. She may provide general information about conditions and treatments. The Information provided by Mika Ichihara and this website is not a substitute for medical advice. Mika Ichihara assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from action taken based on her holistic advice and the information or material on or linked to this site.


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