Amazing Healing Power of Bentonite Clay


Amazing Healing Power of Bentonite Clay

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If you are our patient/client, you know very well how destructive toxins can be to your overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. We either progress or retrogress as human beings, and with the proper use of Bentonite clay, among other healing modalities that I offer, you can experience a veritable jump start to your well-being – but you need to know how to use this healing wonder correctly.

A Simple Yet Effective Secret

Every activity of nature is governed by Cosmic Law, and that includes even the most mundane processes – like eliminating properly. Observations of nature often offer some dramatic clues as to how to care and sustain the human form. Many ancient cultures, including the American Indians, observed that when animals drank from water containing Bentonite Clay, it offered profound healing effects. This is why this clay has been part of a healing regime in multiple cultures around the world for thousands of years. Gorillas have been known to eat it for iron, and other mammals for calcium. Aside from offering key minerals, Bentonite clay also does something curious to our powers of elimination.

When we can excrete toxins the way nature intended, a sort of alchemy takes place that allows every single other system within us to work more efficiently. I’m revealing one of my best-kept secrets by sharing with you how to use Bentonite clay, and once you are done reading this article, you’re going to want to tell the world about this simple substance that Arizona State University found can even bring super bugs like MSRA to their untimely demise. It also reverses many severe medical conditions, including symptoms of autism, and those that are mere annoyances, but it certainly can restore you to a more vital version of YOU in comparison to how you are feeling right now.

What is This Stuff, Exactly?

Bentonite clay is a generic term for a compound that is found all over the United States. It is essentially a compound of pulverized rocks derived from ‘altered volcanic ash beds.’ Wherever a volcanic eruption has occurred, you can usually find Bentonite clay. Just as the earth regenerates herself through volcanic activity, literally creating new earth – as in the case of the Hawaiian Islands, for example; this substance can recreate you. The clay is usually full of important trace minerals from the deep earth that most of us don’t have access to when consuming the Standard American Diet, or even if we were to try to eat organically, and healthfully.

Eating earth is called geophagy. It was originally presumed that this practice simply replaced a deficiency of minerals in the body, but Bentonite clay, specifically, offers many more healing properties.

10 Things Bentonite Clay Can Do for You with Short-Term Use

1. Since it is negatively charged, Bentonite clay adheres to positively charged substances like viruses, bacteria, chemical toxins, fungi, parasites, candida, heavy metals, and other undesirables. Once they are bound to the clay, they are excreted from the body.
2. Help maintain healthy gut flora.
3. Alkalize the body.
4. Draw toxins from bug bites and stings.
5. Reduce the rate at which we age by scavenging free radicals.
6. Help us to absorb vitamins and minerals more effectively be lessening the toxic burden our bodies normally carry.
7. Put extra oxygen back into the cells and remove excess hydrogen.
8. Help stop and prevent colds, flu, other disease caused by viruses and bacterial infections.
9. Boost energy levels.
10. Reduce facial blemishes.

7 More Things Bentonite Clay Can Do for You with Periodic Use

1. Relieve chronic constipation, indigestion and diarrhea.
2. Improve your dental health, including receding gums.
3. Enhance your emotional outlook.
4. Boost your immune system.
5. Help prevent cancer.
6. Cleanse your blood.
7. Provide a constant, clear complexion.

 If You Aren’t Convinced Already . . .

Bentonite clay has been called ‘living earth’ for good reason. If you can barely wake up in the morning before filing yourself with a double chai latte, then your body is likely suffering from toxic build up. You aren’t really living. You are merely existing. The French naturopath Michel Abehsera’s writes in his book, “Our Earth, Our Cure,”:

“The very minuteness of the particles of Bentonite gives a large surface area in proportion to the volume used, thus enabling it to pick up many times it’s weight in positively charged particles.”

Robert T. Martin, PhD from the University of Cornell and a mineralogist at MIT states:

“One gram of this stuff has the surface area of 800 square meters.”


How to Use Bentonite Clay Properly

Just as you wouldn’t pour concrete down your pipes and expect it to clean them out, you wouldn’t want to use Bentonite clay in a way that makes it act like concrete. In the West, we often think “more is better,” but since Bentonite clay has such an incredible ability to expand, you’ll want to use very little of it – especially when you first start out.

The Bentonite Clay Recipe

Use one teaspoon of clay in an eight-ounce glass of water to internally cleanse the body. Soaking the clay in water not only allows the tiny particles to un-clump, but this also activates the clay’s magnetic charge. Soaking the clay in water for at least thirty minutes is recommended, but overnight is preferable. The longer the clay sits in the water, the greater the magnetic charge.

You can allow the fine clay to dissolve and drink just the top portion of the water in the glass that has become cloudy overnight, allowing the denser clay to sit at the bottom. Then, just add more water to the clay, and more clay to the glass if most of it has dissolved, and follow the process again the next day. You can also use a blender or a shaker, but again keep the clay-to-water ratio very low. Since Bentonite doesn’t stir up toxins like other cleansing methods, and only adheres to them so that they can then be excreted from the body, you can practice this method daily and receive generous benefits.

Another way of applying this medicine is externally, or on the skin. Simply mix the clay with water until it becomes a paste and apply it to the face, neck, or even to the whole body. You will want to be sure not to rinse it down your drain, though, as it can clog your pipes. Try using a tub to rinse off in, and pour the used Bentonite clay and water outside.



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