What is Far Infrared Therapy (HYPERTHERMIA)?


What is Far Infrared Therapy (HYPERTHERMIA)?

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One of the many healing treatments as part of our integrated healing approach at Love and Compassion is Far Infrared therapy. It is also known as thermal therapy, bioenergetic rays, or hyperthermia. This modality uses heat – but not in the way you might imagine – to alleviate illness and boost overall health. It is so effective, that it is even used in Japanese alternative medicine to treat cancers. At Love & Compassion, we’ve used hyperthermia successfully on many different health issues.

What is Far Infrared Treatment?

Far Infrared is derived from the Latin word infra meaning below. All color is broken up into different wavelengths – with red being the color visible to human eyes with the longest wavelength.

We can give credit to Sir William Herschel for discovering far infrared light.  Far infrared maintains an even longer wavelength to penetrate the skin without harming it. All colors emit heat – with the intensity of that heat growing stronger as it moves away from the violet end of the spectrum toward red. Far infrared uses heat that is more intense than that of the red-light spectrum, but that has the miraculous quality of being useful for healing. It just so happens that around 80 percent of the sun’s rays are also within this spectrum.

It should be noted that those who suffer from various illnesses, including cancers and a compromised immune system usually have a slightly lowered body temperature, called “hypothermia”. The relationship between the immune system and body temperature is very important. If the body temperature is around 36°C/96.8°F, the immune system functions normally. However, if the temperature drops 1°C to 35°C/95°F, the immune functions declines by 40%.

The far infrared energy heats the deepest organs and tissues of the body by penetrating the infra-red band of light about 5-6 inches below the skin surface. You won’t necessarily sweat profusely, but you will likely sweat mildly at a temperature of only 35-45°C (95 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit).

Low body temperature causes the following problems.

(1) Imbalance in the autonomic nervous system

(2) Dcreased metabolism

(3) Lower production of ATP, therefore lower energy

(4) Decline in physiological activities

(5) Inactivation of enzymes and poor blood circulation

So, one of the first ways that far-infrared begins to help restore health is by elevating the body’s temperature temporarily to restore immune function. We’ll describe this process in more detail in a moment.

Far infrared causes the internal organs to be warmed without over-heating the body – including the skin and respiratory system.

Additionally, by heating the internal organs and tissues several miraculous things occur to our immune systems:

  • The infra-red waves match the frequency of the water in our cells, causing toxins to be released into the bloodstream and then removed through normal excretory channels. As the heat penetrates the deeper tissues beyond the surface of our skin, crystallized, calcified toxins and acid wastes in the joints, nerves, and connective tissues are dissolved so that the body can get rid of them. This means your immune system can work on fighting against foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria instead of being on constant “duty” cleaning up all those toxic wastes.
  • Infra-red heat is exceptionally good at getting rid of heavy metal toxicity stored in the cells. It is very effective at removing everything from cadmium, aluminum, zinc, and nickel, but it also gently encourages the release of alcohol, nicotine, and other pollutants in our bodies.
  • Far infrared heat also helps to release subcutaneous fat (known for storing toxins) from the body. As you sweat mildly during your session, you will be burning fat as it becomes water soluble. A single session can be as effective as a 30-minute jog – allowing you to lose weight and detox at the same time. This also reduces the body’s toxic load and helps to boost immunity.
  • Perhaps most importantly, each time you use far-infrared heat, there is a brief, slight increase in body temperature. This boosts the production of infection-fighting killer T-cells, and white blood cells (leukocytes) produced by the immune system. The infra-red heat gives the immune system the extra support it needs to fight off everything from the common cold to cancer.

Technology has advanced considerably, and there are various ways to deliver far infrared treatments, including FIR emitting heat lamps and garments made with special fibers that are impregnated with FIR emitting nanoparticles. We particularly offer a special dome-type healing device that emits FIR for our patients. This device is superior because the head is not covered, so that a patient can breathe well while the body is covered warm. Also, the surface emitting FIR is positioned in close proximity, therefore the FIR rays penetrate into the body without loss.

If you would like to learn more about how far infrared is used to successfully treat some common conditions, please visit our successive articles:

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3. Lyme disease


By Mika Ichihara
Love & Compassion Integrative Healing Center


This article “An Introduction to Far Infrared Therapy (Hyperthermia)” was originally created and published by LoveandCompassion.com under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac., LL.M., B.Phar., Founder Owner and Grand Master in Eastern Medicine and Energy Soul Medicine. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and author bio. For more information about her and her practice, please visit www.loveandcompassion.com.

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