Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac.
Love & Compassion Integrative Health and Healing


May 23, 2017
​​​​​​​“Healing” is a concept that is still new to modern society. It is really an experience of changing your life, often dramatically.
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Apr 02, 2017
​​​​​​​Every type of holistic medicine has a unique approach to healing an individual, yet they intersect and complement one another in fascinating ways. Integrated medicine is the use of a number of different modalities to address spiritual, emotional, and physical dysfunction in the body, mind and spirit.
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Mar 17, 2017
​​​​​​​As a Reiki grand master/teacher with 20 years of experience, I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial Reiki practice is for all of us. Reiki is such an amazing tool for self-healing.
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Jun 03, 2015
Love is our most potent healing power. The power of love plays a vital role in holistic medicine and the body’s natural healing process. Love’s healing power is listed as one of the Ten Principles of Holistic Medicine by the American Holistic Medicine Association (AHMA), and love is mentioned in sacred scriptures as a basic human attribute.
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