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Love & Compassion offers you continuous innovative support with compassion for your healing and beyond. To begin, we will help you address the issues and create the “holistic vision” of your healing, which may include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Understanding the whole "you" is the starting point. The healing we offer is empowering, exciting and liberating from the darkness you may encounter. We would love you to begin your healing journey! 


Step 1 Free phone consultation – Booking an appointment

Book a free 15 min consultation with Master Practitioner, Mika. This will be the opportunity for you to get to know her and ask all questions you may have.

If you decide to work with her, go ahead to book online any initial session. 


Step 2 Healing Phase

Mika will discuss a healing plan on how to alleviate and restore your health and wellbeing, including treatment modes, the frequency and the duration needed to accomplish your goal. Your healing journey begins. 

She will provide her support and care to make sure your healing is in progress. 


Step 3 Maintenance Phase

Once the healing goal is successfully achieved, you have the option to switch to the Maintenance Phase where you sustain your health and wellness. Please ask more about the Maintenance Membership Program. 


Step 4 Empowerment Phase

If you enjoyed working with Mika and appreciates the depth of her knowledge, wisdom and experience, you may wish to explore her other services and/or advanced trainings and learn directly from her. 

For healing of home:

  • House Energy Clearing
  • Feng Shui 

For your self-care:

  • Meditation training
  • Reiki self-healing and certification training
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Qi Gong for health (coming soon) 

For spiritual advancement:

  • Universal Qabalah and metaphysical studies





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