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Case 1: Bloating, gas
Female 40s: She had digestive issues for 8 years. Her symptoms included gas, bloating, constipation and silent acid reflux, burning sensation in the stomach and anxiety.

Treatment: After her first acupuncture treatment her symptoms improved by 50%. She received the second acupuncture treatment and introduced colon cleanse which resolved the remaining digestive symptoms. She also cut down sugars and added vegetable juicing for detox.  She continued improving conditions.


Case 2: Acid reflux
Male 30s: He suffered from acid reflux for over 5 years. The medication did not help and suffered from the pain on the daily basis, which made him angry and upset. He decided to seek natural healing instead of medications.

Treatment: He received a total of 3 acupuncture treatments and he not longer had pains. He also changed his diet, cutting down carbs, sugars and alcohol. He also started juicing and colon cleansing to detox his digestive tract. He now watches his diet and tries not to overeat. He comes to receive acupuncture for prevention every few months.


Case 3: IBS
Female 30s: She was diagnosed as IBS. Her symptoms were gas, pain over the liver, constipations, and low energy.

Treatment: She received two acupuncture treatments with moxibustion and prescription herbal medicine. Within two treatments, she was symptom free. Later on, she discovered her new birth control pills might have triggered her IBS. Her gynecologist switched her birth control pills. After then, she had no more IBS symptoms experienced.


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