Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac.
Love & Compassion Integrative Health and Healing

Our Integrative Method



Why is treating the root cause of a condition so necessary?

When you have a condition (whether physical, mental, or emotional), you and your health care providers will first focus on treating the symptoms of the condition, so you can restore your health and feel better again.

In most cases, simply treating the condition may not be enough to sustain your health. Especially with chronic conditions, you may repeat a cycle of healing and sickness and develop new conditions and you begin to wonder why you are not yet healed. As an example, sinusitis. Although use of antibiotics may eliminate acute sinus infection, it often causes chronic sinusitis, which periodically returns and aggravates the symptoms. Quite a few people go for surgeries and yet some still develop the same condition until they realize something else is causing or contributing to it.

If there is anything that makes you sick, whether recurrent or various conditions, the root cause must be identified and treated. We believe that identifying and treating the root cause is the key to achieve sustainable health and prevent recurrence of illness.


Body-mind integration: Why are integrative therapies so effective?

Our bodies and our minds are intelligent and interconnected. We have various innate control mechanisms such as the autonomic nervous system, which regulates organ functions and is directly related to our emotional state. While modern medicine has become more and more specialized by microscopically scrutinizing physiological problems, it often loses sight of who we are as “an integrated, whole person” and sees us like gears in a machine.

At our center, we will work with you as a whole person. Your physical conditions, emotional state, daily stress, dietary pattern, and lifestyle are all relevant to your health. Each of these components of your life affects all the other areas. We will address and treat the root cause with our 7 healing tools (Japanese-style Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Far Infrared Therapy, Energy – Soul Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Meditation, and Feng Shui).


Healing: Restorative vs. Transformational

There are two types of healing: restorative and transformational. flowerRestorative healing focuses on alleviating conditions, but such recovery may not be sustainable if the root issue is not addressed. You may become ill again with the same or another condition.

We apply the transformational approach. When we address the root cause of your condition holistically, your core being will shift. We call it your awakening. Imagine your body has been screaming for help, but you haven’t been listening to your inner voice. You know it’s there, but you’ve ignored it, intentionally or unintentionally.

Identifying the root cause is finally listening and paying attention to the inner voice — that silent cry that arises as emotional or physical pain or discomfort. Treating the root cause will make you feel awakened, connected, and activated so your true needs and innate well-being can be honored.

This process is very difficult to explain in words, but many of our patients have experienced this unique moment of awakening through a physical response or emotional shift. This is true healing.

Our Transformational Healing will connect your physical body and the mind and bring them together so you can achieve a higher state of consciousness. Your deeper sense of Self will emerge.

As a result, you won’t just recover from your condition but you will transform your health, your perception of life, and your overall well-being. And, the lifestyle changes needed to support this new and awakened Self will become easier to operate, which facilitates to end the repetitive cycle of illness.


The Love & Compassion Healing System

Based on her 20 years of clinical experience, Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac, has developed The Love & Compassion Healing System, which provides holistic healing to respond to the need of modern society. The Loving & Compassion Healing System uses physical, emotional, and spiritual methods to complete the healing process. It not only restores your health, it also expands our consciousness, transforming our lives so it can be filled with joy, love, peace, and compassion.


Love & Compassion’s Physical Transformation Protocol



Physical Transformation


Step 1. Detoxify and cleanse: Safely and naturally remove seven toxins from the body and the mind:
1.Food toxins such as GMO, fungicides, herbicides, food additives and chemicals
 2. Opportunist organisms in the body such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites
3. Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.
 4. Environmental toxins, such as asbestos, chemicals contained in household cleaning solutions, dyes, industrial pollutions, toxins from plastic materials, and radioactive radiations.
 5. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are produced by: computers, microwaves, electric power lines, and cellphone towers especially newly coming 5G technology.
 6. Emotional and mental toxins such as harmful emotions, negative thoughts, and beliefs.
 7. Spiritual toxins such as lack of spiritual awareness and lack of consciousness.

Step 2. Revitalize the organs such as the kidneys, liver, the heart, the lungs, intestines, sexual organs, brain, skin, and the endocrine systems and improve digestion, elimination, breathing, perspiration, urination, menstruation, fertility, detoxification, circulation, mental clarity, vital energy (Qi), and physical strength.

Step 3. Strengthen the immune system to heal acute or chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergies, infections, and prevent reoccurring illnesses.


Step 4. Introduce and maintain a holistic, conscious diet to nourish your body and mind based on your individual needs and healing.

Step 5. Restore balance and harmony in your autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, sleep patterns, and emotions for the body’s optimal functionality.


Step 6. Develop a positive mindset and learn how to manage daily stress and gain daily restful sleep.

Step 7. Develop a conscious lifestyle through movement, exercise, meditation, Self Reiki, and other self-care tools for maintenance and prevention of illness.



Love & Compassion’s Emotional/Spiritual Transformation Protocol



Emotional/Spiritual Transformation


Step 1. Release the negative emotions held in the body and the mind. Purify your energy and create a safe, serene energetic foundation for healing and self-empowerment.

Step 2. End suffering. Heal deeply held emotions and memories from the past and set your soul free from emotional suffering. Gain conscious and subconscious self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness about suffering.

Step 3. Address negative beliefs that have been sabotaging your optimal potential, happiness and success, and replace them with positive beliefs and qualities, such as confidence, strength, security, and peace.


Step 4. Nourish the heart with divine love and compassion and elevate consciousness for self-awareness and growth.

Step 5. Introduce and maintain a holistic, conscious diet to nourish your body and mind based on individual needs and healing.


Step 6. Maintain a safe energetic space and some balance for yourself and your relationships with others.

Step 7. Develop a conscious lifestyle through movement, exercise, meditation, Self Reiki and other self-care tools for maintenance and prevention of illness.