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Feng Shui


Feng Shui

Feng Shui (meaning “wind and water”, the symbol of the Universal energy and the nature) is an essential component of personal healing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. If your home’s energies are not balanced, your overall wellbeing is adversely affected. According to Taoism, humans exist between heaven and earth; Feng Shui connects humans to both levels.

Your home is the place where you rest your body, mind, and soul. It is extremely important to create a sound, harmonious, and peaceful space to nurture your spirit at the end of the day. An energetic imbalance or the presence of negative energy affects health, relationships, abundance, and all aspects of your personal life. The same applies to a business or office.

Mika Ichihara is a certified Feng Shui Consultant and has been offering Feng Shui for residential and business spaces for over two decades. Her Feng Shui practice is based on traditional Taoist schools, which includes both the Form School and the Compass School. Her consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation based on a compass reading, Chinese astrology, and the Form School assessment (landscape, direction, and placement).

Benefits of Feng Shui:

  • Clear negative energy and clutter
  • Maximize the effects of positive energy
  • Increase energy balance and harmonious relationships
  • Optimize health, well-being, empowerment
  • Create sacred space for spiritual, personal, and professional growth


Consultation Procedures:

Step 1: Preparation

Please submit the following:
1. The floor plan of your residence/office
2. The year the building was built
3. The date, time, and location of your birth and your spouse/partner’s, if living in the same residence
4. Primary and secondary concerns and issues (such as health, love relationship, family, children, finance, and career)

With this information, a preparatory reading will be developed before the on-site reading.

Step 2: On-Site Reading

The entire consultation takes about 2.5 – 4 hours, depending on the size of the space and issues to address. This consultation includes your full astrology chart and an on-site Feng Shui recommendations.

Step 3: Reassessment

1. A one-time follow-up phone consultation (up to 30 min) follows after the on-site consultation.
2. Please ask questions if you’re unsure about implementing the recommendations.
3. A second on-site consultation if needed is offered at a discounted rate.


Request a clearing session:

Please email to, requesting Feng Shui, including your full name, your address and the size of your residence/business. We will get back to you to arrange an onsite appointment. Thank you. 




Shamanic Space Clearing


House Energy Clearing


Just like your soul resides in a healthy heart, your body and the soul require a peaceful home to live joyfully. Clearing the energies in your home is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment.

A home absorbs and contains energies like a sponge. Daily energies and old memories can be absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, and objects. In particular, negative energies can accumulate in the corners, dark spots, unused rooms, and basements.

The energetic debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, and stress that you and your family have experienced in your home or that you empathetically drew from your family members, friends, and co-workers. If you experienced a negative event recently, there is a high chance that some of that energy may be stuck in your home.

Older houses could hold on to unresolved or attached emotions of previous residents over time and pass on to new residents. Such energies can potentially harm peace and harmony of the new residents.

The following situations are appropriate times to space cleanse:

  • Before moving into a new home
  • When you have a lot of clutter
  • After a roommate or companion moves out
  • Constant illnesses and mishaps among the residents of your home
  • After a family member’s severe illness or death
  • When you feel that your business is constantly suffering
  • When security is breached such as a robbery or an invasion of your home
  • When you wish to start a new beginning with fresh energy
  • If you or your children have numerous nightmares

Benefits of Space Clearing:

  • Removes negative energy to welcome healing positive energy
  • Supports the healthy wellbeing of residents
  • Supports loving relationships in an atmosphere of harmony
  • Protects from negative forces
  • Manifests abundance and prosperity

About Mika Ichihara

She is a certified ceremonial master under the North American tradition with over 20 years of experience in energy clearing. She will use energetic and spiritual tools and rituals to cleanse and purify your home.

Space clearing requires a physical visit, but can be done remotely with a video camera recording/photo on an exceptional case. The entire process usually takes a minimum of 2 hours. The visit includes an assessment, clearing work, and recommendations for maintaining good energy on the premises.

Request a clearing session:

Please email to, requesting a House Energy Clearing, including your full name and your address. We will get back to you to make an appointment. Thank you. 




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