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Case Study: Gynecological Conditions



Case 1: Fibroids
Woman, 30s: She complained of deep pain due to uterine fibroids. She did not want to receive a surgical procedure as suggested by her gynecologist, so she decided to pursue natural treatment to heal her fibroids.

Treatment: She received six bi-monthly acupuncture treatments combined with 3 courses of custom made herbal medicine. The pain stopped as she began her regular treatment. Later on, she confirmed with her gynecologist that her fibroids shrunk significantly, so that her doctor told her that it was no longer her concern.


Case 2: PMS with emotional swings and depression
Female 30s: She complained PMS with occasional mood swings and depression. She easily caught up with daily stress while her life was going well.

Treatment: She received a total of 3 acupuncture sessions. By then, her mode was stabilized, more positive, no longer suffering from depression and PMS. She continued additional acupuncture treatment for a few more sessions for a preventive purpose.


Case 3: Painful menstruation and cramping
Female 20s: She complained of painful menstruation and cramping for 8 months.

Treatment: She received two acupuncture treatments with 2 courses of prescription herbal medicine. After 2 sessions, she had no more pain. She also improved her diet, cutting down sugars.  She no longer experienced cramping.


Case 4: Irregular breeding due to hormonal imbalance
Female, 40s: She complained of skipping period for the past 6 months. Prior to it, she was prescribed new type of birth control pills. When she started taking the pills, she continued uterine breeding without cessation for over 4 months. Although she got off the birth control pills, her menstruation cycle was disturbed and she stopped menstruation all together.

Treatment: After her first acupuncture treatment with herbal supplement, her menstruation returned. She received a total of 3 acupuncture sessions, her menstruation returned completely normal and regularly.


Case 5: HPV
Female 30s: She came for seeking help for HPV infection. She was diagnosed HPV positive, but no manifesting symptoms. She was told by her gynecologist that the virus may be resolved by itself if the immune system remained stronger. She decided to receive natural treatment to improve her infection.

Treatment: She received a total of 4 acupuncture sessions in two months together with 2 courses of prescription herbal medicine to strengthen her immune system. Later she returned to her gynecologist and she was confirmed that she was HPV negative. She cut down her alcohol and sugar consumption. She continues occasional acupuncture treatment for her immune system and prevention. 



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