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Case Study: Respiratory Conditions



Case 1: Chronic bronchitis
Female 30s: She complained of recurrent chronic bronchitis over a year. She was suffering from heavy coughs and congestion in the lungs. Her condition became recurrent since a year before when she developed bronchitis after catching a cold. She previously took antibiotics and her bronchitis was resolved. However, she started getting sick easily and always ended up with bronchitis, so that she took 1 – 2 courses of antibiotics on and off for over a year. In the end antibiotics stop working. Finally she decided to seek alternative method to heal her condition naturally.

Treatment: At the first session, she received acupuncture treatment with moxibustion/heat therapy as well as custom made herbal medicine. Within a few days, coughs subsided significantly. She received a total of two acupuncture treatments and two courses of herbal medicine and her bronchitis was completely healed. Also her immune system became strong and she was free of cold for the rest of the winter.

Case 2: Acute bronchitis
Male 40s: He developed acute bronchitis after catching a cold.

Treatment: He received one course of prescribed herbal medicine (8 days supply) and his coughs and congestion was resolved completely.

Case 3: Acute pneumonia
Female 30s: She came down with a flu, turning into pneumonia. She developed pneumonia several months before, but she felt the infection never went away. She took antibiotics, but symptoms did not go away, so she decided to seek natural treatment. She had chest pain, wet coughs and wheezing.

Treatment: She received 2 acupuncture sessions with moxibustion and prescription herbal medicine. Within her two sessions, her symptoms were almost gone. She took the second course of herbal medicine to make sure that the infection was completely cured.



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