Mika Ichihara, M.S., L.Ac.
Love & Compassion Integrative Health and Healing

Case Study: Spiritual Conditions



Case 1: Painful divorce into transformation

Female late 40s: Her marriage was not considered perfect, but still working fine in raising 3 children until she found that her husband cheated her for another younger woman. They tried to reconcile the marriage, spending months with a mediator, but no success. They ended up going to a court, resulted in a bitter divorce. Her life was smashed without a core.

Healing: Her healing began around the time when they decided to go to the court. The first phase of her healing journey focused on releasing all negative energy and emotions accumulated not only from the immediate incidents but also the relationship as a whole. The second phase helped her learn how to see herself not from the illusion of the failed marriage, but from the true self. She learned why the relationship did not work and why she ended up in a divorce. In the third phase, she actively empowered her capacity to create the new life she envisioned: the relationship with her children, her family, the career, and most importantly financial independence. She achieved her freedom and enjoys immensely living as who she is. She still works with Mika for ongoing support.  


Case 2: Family issue into happiness

Female in early 30s:  As she grew up as the eldest child of 5 siblings in an Asian family, her life was to bear accountability to be the best, smart, and responsible daughter without showing weakness or complaint. Although she enjoyed full of success in education, career and early marriage with a great supportive husband, she was not happy. She suffered from occasional tantrum and anger toward her family and her husband. 

Healing journey: Her healing began accepting and releasing the negative emotions she accumulated, which was deep and profound. This purging phase helped her reunite with her mother from the heart, who was not available to support her in upbringing. It also helped her purging the false self or the “ego”, which tended to control her life. The second phase included healing her digestive issues which related to her diet and immune system. The attention to and holistic care for her overlooked condition brought her great ease. She received a series of acupuncture treatment with herbal medicine. Currently she walks in the third phase in transforming into the new self who represents who she is with her talent and passion.