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Reiki Certification

Nowadays, Reiki is a universally known form of energy healing and is used around the world. Recognized by the modern medical establishment, Reiki is a safe and easy tool for self-healing and daily energetic support. 

Whether you are a beginner and a Reiki practitioner already, you are welcome to attend and learn from our Grand Master, Mika Ichihara, who has 20 years of clinical and teaching experience. She will share the highest, advanced skills that cannot be found anywhere on the Internet or publications. Herr abundant experience will help you learn this amazing healing tool for your healing, awakening your inner ability, and tapping into your full potential. 

More over, if you pursue the healing path, Love & Compassion provides trainings to become exceptional healing practitioners. Our practitioners learn technical skills, energetic foundation, principles, hands-on guidance and support.

At Love & Compassion, the first step is to help you become an exceptional Reiki practitioner. Master Mika will share the advanced hands-on skills that cannot be found anywhere on the Internet or publications.

The second step is to learn esoteric healing modalities to heal others at the etheric and spiritual realms. These are rare, unique healing skills that take place at physical, astral and spiritual levels. 

She will guide you to work with the energies of light, love, and compassion at the higher vibration and consciousness to heal yourself and others.



Reiki Level 1: Self-Healing Mastery Training Workshop

Reiki Self Healing


Our healing training begins with self-healing mastery. In this workshop, you will learn the philosophy, history and techniques of Reiki as well as useful advanced energy healing techniques by our Master Teacher with 20 years of experience. This training will build your capacity to help yourself and assist others. This workshop includes Usui Reiki Attunement Level 1. It is open to beginners as well as Reiki practitioners interested in learning Mika’s advanced energy healing techniques. Two-day weekend workshops, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • An essay including the following questions (double-spaced, up to 10 pages): 

    • What treatments/methods have you received for your own healing (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual)?

    • How will this self-healing training contribute to your healing journey?

    • What do you know about “energy”?

    • Have you learned any other healing or spiritual modalities to date? (e.g., aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, martial arts, chanting, channeling, etc.)

    • Your daily healing or spiritual practice, if any.

  • At least 1 Reiki-energy healing session with Mika to experience Mika’s style of energy healing.


  • Create energetic balance and harmony in your body, mind, and soul

  • Learn the self-healing tool for supporting your daily stress and emotions

  • Develop energetic integrity and consciousness for healing and empowerment



Level 2: Reiki Practitioner Certification Training


Reiki Certification Level 2


Level 2 training focuses on how to offer Reiki to others. You will learn a full Reiki protocol for giving Reiki to others safely and effectively. You will also learn a technique of remote healing to others. The Master Teacher will hand down advanced healing techniques based on her extensive clinical experience. Two-day weekend workshop, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • A minimum of 6 months of consistent Reiki practice.

  • An essay including answers to the following questions (double-spaced, up to 10 pages):

    • Why are you interested in giving healing to others?

    • Describe your Reiki practice. How long and how often have you been using these skills?

    • How do you daily maintain your energy balance?

    • What other energy healing modalities have you learned?

    • Explain your experiences in giving healing to others in any other modality, if any.

  • A minimum of 3 Reiki-energy healing sessions with Mika to ensure you are determined to learn Mika’s style of energy healing.



Level 3: Reiki Advanced Practitioner Certification Training 


Reiki Certification Level 3


This workshop prepares you to become a Reiki master certified by Soul Oasis. After this training, you are ready to begin professional Reiki practice to serve others. This training includes Usui Reiki Attunement Level 3 and the most advanced energy healing skills developed by the Master Teacher through her extensive clinical experience. Two-day weekend workshop, , 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and three follow-up classes, 2 hours/class.

Level 3 criteria: 
  • Committed to becoming a Reiki Master, offering Reiki practice to others

  • Committed to continuing self-healing as the requirement for a Reiki practitioner

  • Actively managing their own energy on a daily basis

  • Engaged in inner work for their own spiritual growth and empowerment

  • Practicing meditation or any other spiritual practice on a regular basis

  • Willing to participate in the collective effort to serve others with Mika Ichihara as a member of LC/Soul Oasis practitioners’ circle

Level 3 Prerequisites:
  • A preliminary assessment and an interview are required before submitting an application.

  • A minimum of 2 years of consistent Reiki practice is required.

  • An essay including answers to the following questions (double-spaced, up to 10 pages)

    • Why are you interested in becoming a Reiki master?

    • Do you consistently practice self-healing in preparation to become a Reiki master?

    • Describe your experiences with 5 Reiki sessions that you gave to others. How many sessions have you offered to date?

    • How do you daily assess and maintain your energy balance?

    • How do you recognize your “ego” in healing practice? How does it come out of your way? 

    • Have you practiced meditation or any other spiritual practice on a daily basis?

  • A minimum of 5 Reiki-energy healing sessions with Mika to ensure you are interested in learning Mika’s style of energy healing and become a Reiki master under her supervision.


Level 4 Etheric Healing Training

Coming soon...



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Testimonials: Reiki Training Workshops

Here are some of the wonderful voices from the students who attended the Workshops …


Reiki I Self Mastery Training Workshop

“I believe Mika is an incredibly powerful woman who shares knowledge and wisdom freely from a place of deep love and compassion. I appreciate the opportunity to learn Reiki traditionally in a safe space.” - A.M 4/19

“Mika is a humble, knowledgeable teacher! I learned so much and had a wonderful experience learning about the Chakras and energy healing for balance and harmony. I hope to be able to take more classes with Mika in the future.” A.J 9/19

“The lectures before each practice were so helpful. I learned a lot about energy and how to ground myself. This Workshop helped me learn the importance of releasing expectations and judgments. “ - C.C 11/18

“Self-healing is always something I’ve been interested in, and I’ve explored it in various ways, but this class has truly opened doors for me. I feel energized and excited to use Reiki on a daily basis. Mika is a great teacher! She makes what could be very complicated accessible and fun.” - N.M. 8/17

“Self-healing is always something I’ve been interested in, and I’ve explored it in various ways, but this Workshop has truly opened doors for me. I feel energized and excited to use Reiki on a daily basis. Mika is a great teacher! She makes what could be very complicated accessible and fun.” - N.M. 8/17

“I have a better understanding of invoking and using energy from both the Universe and the Earth. I now have a much deeper understanding of the role our intentions play in helping us to be healthier, more radiant people. This Workshop was executed perfectly, and I am very interested in taking more from Mika” - D.P 8/17

“I liked everything about this Workshop. At first, Reiki was something mythical and mysterious to me, but now I see that it’s rather simple and it now totally makes sense to me. The intimate environment among students and the teacher was great! All of the classes I take with Mika allow me to better understand the world of healing.” - S.K 4/2017

 “I learned from this Workshop that healing is an art of empowerment. It helped me understand self-healing by training me to play the role in my own healing. I now understand the true meaning of  “healing” as an act of helping people to help themselves.” - B. F 7/15

“I would like to thank Mika for letting me take this wonderful Workshop! I could feel the energy from the universe moving through me and filling my body and soul with love. I learned how important it is to feel and talk to your body. I learned how to channel Universal energy and use my hands for healing.” -  T. 7/15

“This Workshop helped me see negative patterns that I need to let go of and embrace positivity.” 12/2014 – L.K.D

“With this Workshop I have a deeper understanding of how essential healing myself is before I can help others. This experience has helped me ground myself and remove any barriers that have made connecting to a positive source difficult.” 12/2014 – T.D

“Through this Workshop I understand that the gift of healing can truly be achieved if my self is healed. It also showed me that this requires love, compassion and gratitude. The art of Reiki has showed me that self-love and self-healing is achieved through taking care of one’s self.” 12/2014 – A.S

“This Workshop gave me an understanding of the philosophies that guide self-healing and the importance of consistency, patience, and building a foundation. The transformation in this class involved giving myself permission to not always have to be perfect and helped me to not put pressure on myself to perform. Self-healing has a lot to do with self-love and kindness towards myself.”12/2014 – P.S

“Through this Workshop I gained a better understanding of Self Healing and got a lot of information. Mika was wonderful and answered a lot of questions I had about healing and helped me learn how to connect more with my body. One important thing I learned is how to first heal myself. This was a wonderful class overall.”10/2013 – S.

“I learned a lot from this Workshop and I was able to tap into an understanding of how I can heal myself. It taught me more about myself and also how I can stay focused on the positive things in my life. This was helpful and I thing its an effective program overall.” 10/2013 – J.A

“This Workshop helped me a lot. I didn't know about self-healing or any way of self-healing other than visualization. This Workshop clarified a lot for me in terms of energy work and it was a good practice for letting go of the ego. I felt this transformation tremendously in feeling the energy in my hands that I was never able to feel before. It was great and impacted me as well.” 03/2013 – S.K

“ I would have to say that this Workshop gave me the tools to self-healing. I feel as if this Workshop added to my existing transformation and gave me specific tools + procedures to help facilitate it as well.  This showed me that self-healing is true and can be achieved by anyone” 03/2013 – E.

“This Workshop helped me to learn the difference between Reiki and ongoing healing and how to incorporate both – mainly to trust myself and my body. As Mika says, ‘The body does not lie’.  This also helped me transform patience that I have for myself and my journey.” 03/2013 – L.M

“The Workshop helped me to be more aware of my inner voice and body. To me Reiki was another way to tap into the universe plus inner wisdom. I feel the more I do this the more I will be in line with my values and my true self. This also more confirmed in the path I am taking and this Workshop helped me reaffirm what I have learned so far. I am grateful for learning through this Workshop and using this knowledge beyond just Reiki” 03/2013 – Y.S

“When I came to the Workshop, I had just gotten fired from my job and was emotionally and physically drained.  This program really helped me keep my perspective and also helped me remember to focus on myself.  As I was being tested, instead of falling into depression as I have in the past, I was able to become stronger.  Even though I am still working through these issues, how I handle different situations is much healthier than it has been in the past.” J. December 2008

“This Workshop helped me understand self-healing by allowing me to be aware of my ability to heal myself.  I have a greater understanding of what it takes from me to have a greater sense of well being.  I felt a greater awareness of energy in my body.  I was able to connect on a more mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.  This program was very effective.” F.K. December 2008

“Through this Workshop I feel more centered.  I also feel a deeper sense of peace and a quiet sense of confidence.  The stress on the practice as opposed to lectures really helped me begin to understand Reiki on an experiential level.  I now know that I have the tools to heal myself and that it is up to me to use them or not.” G. December 2008
“The Workshop was extremely in-depth and looked at self-healing on all levels.  I know now that I must not worry about feeling different energies or having visions – I can just be and let the universe guide me.  The aim is to feel good.  I feel all aspects of the program were covered thoroughly and the structure was perfect – it was so quick!”
C.C. March 2008

“Self-healing has shown me there is an accessible lock.  My perception is clearer.  I feel a more seamless connection with myself.  I am so happy with my transformation and still remember how I used to be and how tired I was.  Learning with Mika has given me the awareness of the reality that I was facing the wrong way.  I love the journey of self-discovery and self-love.  I would recommend this to everyone.”
Y.G. March 2008

“This Workshop helped me organize the information I already knew and compliment it with new information.  It also helped me understand how I can use my hands to communicate and understand my body.  The small class size was appropriate and there was a good balance between lecture and practice.” T. March 2008

“This Workshop showed me how to apply patience and humility in my daily life.  I now view problems in a more holistic way, as a part of a bigger picture.” D.Z. March 2008

“The protective ritual brought my focus back to myself and away from other peoples’ energy.  I have learned the importance of taking the time to love myself, to always anchor myself with self-love.” M.D. March 2008

“The Workshop helped me learn the importance of patience.  I now understand that I have to go though my own journey without comparing myself with others.” I.C. March 2008


Level 2: Reiki Practitioner Certifiaction Workshop

“I learned the value of proper protocol for giving treatments to others. When I work with Mika, I feel I am learning from one of the best! I am very grateful for Mika’s formality and authenticity as she explains and share the techniques with us.”  4/19 - D.L

“I learned so much this weekend! I learned about how to properly use touch during Reiki, how to properly channel energy and the proper protocol for setting up and ending a session. I plan on taking more workshops with Mika; she is an excellent teacher!” 4/14/19 - K.K

 “This Workshop allowed me to learn about the power of Reiki in a more in-depth way. It taught me techniques for self protection while working with others, attuned me to the symbols, and gave me insight into the proper protocol for giving treatments to others” - L.L 7/17

“The Reiki level 2 workshop taught me that self-healing is all about balancing energy. The Workshop shed a new light on Reiki, and I now understand that it needs to be treated with respect. This was a great personal experience!” - 7/17 - L.J

“With this Workshop I began to understand energy healing and I got to experience universal energy. I found the most important part of this is controlling my energy and how to ground myself in Reiki Practice. This workshop was pretty good and I left with a lot of knowledge.” 11/2013 – Y.

“This Workshop had helped me increase my understanding of universal energy. This was a bit new for me and it helped me feel more connected to the universe. The most important lesson that I learned from this is how to heal with compassion and no ego which truly impacted me.”  11/2013 – S.K

“This helped me be more mindful of my meditations and also feel more conscious and connected to the universe. I have more confidence and certainty with my path thanks to this program. I feel much more closely attached to the universe on a day to day level. Energy class has helped me be more aware of nature in a energy level and to feel more in tune with the world.” 07/2009 – B.

“ This Workshop has made me more aware of what energy is and how to obtain it in a way that helps me feel more connected. I feel like this experience has strengthened my connection with the universe and myself. It made me listen to my body and my senses in a way that also helped me feel more grounded. This was a great experience I would recommend it to anyone.” 11/2014 – L.B

“This Workshop has helped me understand more management and I felt better about my own life and any issues I had. It taught me better techniques when it came to protection as well which was extremely beneficial to me.” 11/2011 - Y.K

“This Workshop helped me better understand energy healing and get me to a different energy level so I can heal better. It also gave me a deeper understanding of healing myself plus what my purpose is. This overall created a better connection for me and who I am which made me so glad I took this class.” 11/2014 - J.A


Level 3: Reiki Master Certification Program

“This Program met every expectation I have and went above and beyond what I initially expected. Everything I learned goes just beyond Reiki that will last me forever. I learned the importance of caring for myself and that Reiki is not just an a la carte, it has different faucets and changes aspects according to every persons energy. This was extremely helpful for me and a great experience.” 09/2013 – M.A

“Experiencing this Program I felt that it solidified what I know and answered any questions I had before. It impacted me and the most profound part was at one with the light. It taught me how to give a lighter treatment that is easier on me and less attached. This was extremely helpful and informative for me.” 09/2013 – B.G