Energy Soul Therapy


Energy Soul Therapy

Rejuvenation and Transformation of emotions and the Soul


Negative emotions are often held deeper than the conscious mind. Psychotherapy helps you address the issue and understand where it is originated.  And yet, you may still suffering. Why so? 

Long-held emotions and suffering from the past, such as trauma, are stored in the physical body as well as the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like a background operating system and it controls your conscious activities and emotions subconsciously.  

Mika's Energy Soul Therapy is an innovative alternative method for energetic and emotional rejuvenation and transformation. It uplifts your mood and outlook by purifying your energy at the physical and auric levels. At the deeper subconscious level, it heals and empowers your soul from your long held emotions and old sufferings especially in the childhood. This is a process of liberating your soul to become truly who you are, overcoming karmic issues, limitations created by the past and sabotage of your potentials.  

All session available virtual or in-person (New York City and Charlotte, NC).


1. Energy Soul HealingAdvanced Energy Healing

Humans are energetic beings. The body, such as organs (not limited to the heart and brain), carry energy (vibration), so as Emotions. Energy Healing detects the vibration and purifies the lower vibration such as negative emotions, and replace with higher vibration such as light, love and peace. 

The “soul” is the core of one's existence, closely working with the physical body. Your soul contains not only conscious mind (such as intellect and decision making), but also subconscious mind. If you hold on to certain emotions since a childhood, for instance, such emotions are most likely to be stored in your memory, which is your subconscious mind. 

Soul Healing is to heal a wounded soul from the past especially in the childhood. When the soul is hurt or experiences a deep trauma, the deep scar is recorded and stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious memory will affect your emotions, mind and health consciously or unconsciously. Soul Healing rescues and heals the wounded soul energetically and spiritually. The process is gentle, warm and supported. Soul Healing helps the soul revived and happier, becoming truly who you are. 

Soul HealingCommon Indications: 

  • Feeling unbalanced, ungrounded, stuck

  • Scattered mind, lack of focus

  • Lack of mental clarity and emotional stability

  • Easily affected by others’ energy and environment (empaths)

  • Depressed, anxious and worry

  • Negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, anxiety, and sadness

  • Repeating a same emotional pattern

  • Childhood issues, including traumas, abandonment 

  • Ancestral issues

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Negative beliefs, negative self-talk, sabotage, lack of confidence or self-esteem

Modalities used: Reiki, Etheric (aura) healing, regression, inner-child healing. 

Session length: 

  • Standard: 75 min
  • Extended 105 min


Energy Balancing2. Etheric Healing / Energy Balancing & Activation

This healing works with the higher celestial energies to remove anything that impedes the flow of light throughout your physical body. It removes stagnant energy from the etheric layer of the aura as well as in the deep level of the physical body. and fill the aura with more light. It removes the energy within the aura that may translate to diseases in the physical body in the future. 

This healing is considered "advanced" modalities as working at the higher energy system than physical. 

Modalities used: DNA activation, esoteric etheric healing, and shamanic healing modalities from the North American Mystery School tradition

Length: 90 min/session 




3. Shamanic Spiritual Healing

Guardian Angel ReadingThe shamanic healing derived from ancient esoteric teaching, specifically King Solomon the Great of ancient Israel. It seeks alignment with the Divine and its healing takes place at the astral or spiritual level, higher than physical or etheric levels. It resets and revitalizes your body, soul and spirit from the higher realm. This treatment requires a set of 10 sessions. 

Benefits of this healing: 

  • Transformed physical-mental-spiritual awareness
  • Elevated vibration for higher consciousness and inner strength
  • More intuition
  • Improved mental clarity and emotional stability
  • True healing according to the body’s own natural rhythms
  • Alignment with the Higher Self
  • Greater connection to the Universe and the Divine in everyone

Common indications: 

  • Feeling stuck in a situation, unable to transform your life

  • Lack of alignment with the Higher Self

  • Lack of physical-mental-spiritual connection

  • Weak intuition

  •  Lack of connection with the Universe and the Divine 

Modalities used: Esoteric spiritual and shamanic healing modalities from the North American Mystery School tradition.

Length: 90 min/session x 10 sessions


4. Guardian Angels Reading/Channeling

Guardian Angels Reading

Everyone is born with 4 guardian angels, but not many have strong connection with their guardian angels. A Guardian Angel Reading can help you initiate the connection with your personal guardian angels for healing, growth, guidance and spiritual development. Establishing a relationship with your guardian angels will also help you gain a spiritual understanding of the issues you face in this lifetime.

You will receive a list of the names of your 4 guardian angels with descriptions of their purposes for your existence as well as a channelled message from any of them for your question. 

Length: 90 min/session

How to request a Reading: Please email to, requesting a Guardian Angel Reading including your full legal name, birth date, and birth time. Mika will schedule and prepare a reading session. Please give us 7 – 10 days to prepare your reading. 





Mika ReikiPeacefulness
“I had received a Reiki treatment from someone before, but it did not do anything for me. So, I tried a session with Mika, which was nothing like what I’d experienced before. Her healing is totally different from others and it really worked for me. I usually feel peaceful for weeks after a session with her.” (Male, 30s)

“I tried everything to resolve the issue in my childhood, including psychotherapy, but nothing worked. I received several sessions with Mika and I now feel more strength and confidence. I see the issue differently and I don’t let myself down anymore. Now I am also off medication.” (Female, 20s)

“In two sessions, my depression is gone! My family, friends, and I have noticed that I am totally different, in radiating positive energy. I cannot believe this. Thank you, Mika.” (Female, 20s) 

“The condition disappeared within three sessions and has never returned. Mika is truly a gifted healer.” (Male, 50s)

Chronic fatigue
“I was always tired and rarely felt like going out and meeting people. Since I started receiving her healing, my energy level has significantly improved. I have become much more active and sociable. I am also more approachable in welcoming new opportunities and friends.” (Female, 40s)

Loss of a loved one
“I never healed from the sudden passing of my husband over 10 years ago until I met Mika. My overwhelming sadness and feeling of loss caused me breast cancer and other chronic conditions. With her help, I was able to process my long-held emotions and resolve various health issues thanks to her professional and compassionate support through Energy-Soul Healing, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.” (Female, 50s)

Childhood issues
“Mika helped me heal my deep inner emotions that reflected in the relationship with my family members. Without her guidance, I would not have completed this comprehensive healing process. She is a rare healer who I trust.” (Female, 30s)




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