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Case Study: Inflammations



Case 1: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Female 30s: She was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago after she developed inflammation on the optical nerve. She decided not to take any medication, but follow natural medicine and stated her treatment with Mika.

Treatment: She started monthly acupuncture treatment. She was guided to cut down supplements, so that she can obtain nutrients more from whole foods. She continued improved her diet and received monthly treatment. She received prescribed herbal medicine and detox therapy. Her annual test showed that she had no progress in inflammation from the previous year, which shocked her medical doctor. She continues doing well and enjoys her daily life.  


Case 2: Autoimmune disorder: Lupus
A female patient in her late 20s suffered from severe inflammations due to an autoimmune disorder. Prior to her visit to our Center, she was taking medications to suppress her inflammation, which was not working. So, she decided to proactively resolve her condition more naturally.  She was aware of unresolved emotions that she carried since childhood; fears and other unexpressed emotions. When any incident triggered the suppressed emotions, she craved sugar. She knew it was bad, but she couldn’t help it.

Treatment: She signed up to our Integrative Healing Program. She alternated healing sessions with Acupuncture, Energy – Soul Therapy, dietary guidance and received meditation training as part of its Phase One Program.  At the end of her 3 months of the Program, her inflammations subsided, her emotions rejuvenated, and her perception toward her life had changed. She was able to greatly reduce her cravings for sugar.  She became happier and appreciative of what she had going for her in life.  Healing her inflammation lead her to transform her vision of what it meant to be living a wellness of life.  She is now happier than ever before and enjoys every day of her life.  She continues her treatment for maintenance.  She acquired a will power to watch her diet and cut down sugar consumptions as needed after occasional feasts over the holiday season.


Case 2: Arthritis
Female 60s: She complained of arthritis in fingers, which were rigid and slightly carved. She had tingling sensations. She often woke up in the middle of the night due to pain.

Treatment: With one acupuncture treatment with moxibustion, the pain and tingling sensation subsided by 70%. She received a total of 4 acupuncture treatments and the pain the tingling sensation was totally gone.


Case 3: Fibromyalgia
Female 60s: She suffered from pains due to fibromyalgia for over 30 years. She was taking a lot of supplements prescribed from a nutritionist, but the pain did not improve. The pain was worse with stress and emotions.

Treatment: She started received bi-weekly acupuncture treatment and within a few months, the pain was much more under control. She was able to start facing some emotional issues and let go. She later on introduced macrobiotic diet, which helped her wellbeing tremendously.


Case 4: Gout
Male 40s: He developed acute gout inflammation and suffered from the pain for 2 weeks. He realized he was eating too much red meat, but the pain and swelling continued.

Treatment: He received two acupuncture sessions with moxibustion and four courses of prescription herbal medicine and the pain completely gone. He changed diet and eat healthier and he is still pain free.



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