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Case Study: Pains and neurological conditions



Case 1: Herniated discs
Female 30s: She had previously two surgeries for her herniated discs, and yet the pain got worse. She was crying in pain. It was especially hard for her since she had small children and required a lot of physical movements. She no longer wanted another surgery and decided to pursue natural treatment.

Treatment: She received two acupuncture treatments with moxibustion and her pain was almost gone.


Case 2: Sciatica
Female 40s: She came for her emergency condition of severe pain due sciatica. Her pain was so severe that she was hardly able to walk. Since she did not want to receive injections, she decided to receive acupuncture.

Treatment: After her first acupuncture treatment, her pain was improved by 70%. She received a total of 3 acupuncture treatments and her pain was completely gone.


Case 3: Migraine headaches
Female 40s: She came in for chronic migraine headache, localized temple headache, which she had had for 10 years. The pain got worse with stress and lack of sleep. She had been taking prescription pain medications, but they stopped working. Nothing to stop her persistent pain and she was desperate to find any alternative solutions.

Treatment: She received acupuncture treatment two days in the row and the pain was gone completely. She received a total of five acupuncture treatments for prevention, combined with prescription herbal medicine. She also introduced moderate exercise, eating more vegetables, cutting down sugars and processed foods. Since then, she no longer had severe pain like before, making sure that she manages stress well.


Case 4: Knee pain and swelling
Female 60s: She complained of her acute knee pain and swelling of her ankles. She had difficulty in walking especially on stairs.

Treatment: She received two acupuncture sessions with moxibustion and prescription herbal medicine to reduce swelling. Within a few weeks, she had no more pain, and her ankles’ swelling reduced significantly. She had no more difficulty in walking. She was also advised to drink water more often and her swelling was gone completely within a few weeks.


Case 5: Frozen shoulder
Male 50s: He complained of frozen shoulder, where he was unable to raise his arm above the shoulder height due to pain.

Treatment: He received 4 acupuncture treatments with moxibustion and the pain was completely gone. Every after session, the pain subsided and increased the range of mobility. With four sessions, his condition was completely resolved.


Case 6: Neck and shoulder pain radiating to the elbow/hand
Female 40s: She came in for elbow pain due to a herniated disk C5/6. The pain radiated to the fore arm and hand. Three fingers felt tingling. The symptom got worse with stress and desk work with the computer.

Treatment: She received 4 acupuncture treatments with moxibustion in two months and the pain was completely gone. She had no more symptom of tingling or radiating down sensation for at least 2 years.



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